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We specialize in enabling increased profitable revenue through the implementation of Water Conditioning Technology solutions that benefit agricultural and industrial applications.

ZYLYM™ Technologies provides extensive benefits for agricultural and industrial applications.

Utilizing proven technology solutions for irrigation and water conditioning that increases productivity, quality of product and profitability is in our DNA.

We are committed to the implementation of chemical free water conditioning to promote plant and soil health, optimal yield and the preservation of scale free irrigation and industrial equipment – while conserving water.

The need for growers to work with nature is uppermost in our philosophy. We can help to eliminate the use of chemicals.

ZYLYM™ is a non-chemical technology that works harmoniously with nature.

What We Do

ZYLYM™ Applications

Agriculture, Boilers and heaters, Institutions and homes, Beverage machines – the list is endless – See more here

ZYLYM™ Major Advantages

ZYLYM™ is a non-chemical technology that works harmoniously with nature – See more here

ZYLYM™ Problem Solving

Solution for key problems. See more here

Water & Energy Conservation

Using less power and water (research documents show up to 29% less water needed in irrigation applications) also means less energy required to pump less water.

Case Studies

We have had extensive field trials proving the effectiveness of our systems. See more here


Flow capacity, how it works – find out more.

ZYLYM™ is not a filter

Our water conditioning device does not add or remove anything from the water; it does crystallize calcium carbonate into a different spherical structure. It is not a magnet or temporary fix and is not a water softener. Water softeners remove beneficial calcium and magnesium.

Softeners replace these elements with an increase in water sodium levels or potassium , which is harmful to plants, soil and sewers.

ZYLYM™uses no electricity, has no wires and no grounding. It is not a sacrificial anode and is a chemical-free process

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